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Production Engineer

Li Tao, 25, joined LEONI in 05/2021. As a process engineer, gained valuable knowledge in wiring harness technology with colleagues' support.

My story at LEONI

My name is Li Tao, and I am 25 years old. I have been with LEONI since May 2021. In 2021, I began to receive relevant knowledge training as a process engineer at LEONI. Over the past two years, I have worked in this position and gained extensive knowledge in wiring harness technology. I understand the entire process of the wire harness factory, from design to finished product delivery, and have learned how to use the emergency and important four-quadrant rule to address work accumulation issues. Of course, acquiring this valuable knowledge would not have been possible without the guidance and support of my colleagues in the same department and functional departments.

My job

Under normal circumstances, the first thing to do when arriving at the company in the morning is to go to the office for tea, with a cup of water being essential. Drinking warm water in the morning is important as it can improve the blood circulation system and help control weight, among other benefits.

Next, open the computer and check the mailbox for any new engineering changes issued by R&D engineers. Reviewing these changes in advance allows for better preparation for implementation plans at change planning meetings.

Then, check the calendar for meeting invitations and prepare relevant documents in advance.

Following this, finalize the work arrangements for the day, which may have been outlined the previous day.

Before leaving in the afternoon, make general arrangements for tomorrow's work, including tasks and meeting schedules. It's important to allocate spare time to handle unexpected tasks.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Firstly, I chose LEONI, and LEONI recognized my potential, allowing me to join as a process engineer. LEONI is among the top-paying enterprises in our county and is a leading industry player in online bundle manufacturing, providing a great platform for career growth.

The working atmosphere within the department is very harmonious! I have good relationships with my colleagues. Apart from discussing daily work issues, we often engage in conversations about interesting topics and personal life matters. As someone who recently graduated and entered the workforce, this type of working environment aligns perfectly with my expectations for work prior to graduation.

LEONI in three words? Generous, evolving, humanized

My Tips

When encountering problems that you cannot solve or are unclear about at work, it's important to ask your colleagues in the same department for assistance. Colleagues here are very understanding and willing to help each other solve work-related issues.