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Field Report

Specialist Logistics Planning

Jamie joined LEONI Tieling plant in Oct 2021. Mainly responsible for RFQ transportation of new project, packaging management.

My story at LEONI

Hi, this is Jamie Fan. My connection with LEONI began with a simple 'Hello' on LinkedIn. I joined LEONI Tieling Plant in October 2021. I graduated from Liaoning University and previously worked at DRÄXLMAIER (China) before joining LEONI. Currently, I work at LEONI as a Specialist in Logistic Planning China, primarily responsible for RFQ logistics management, transportation and packaging management, and 3PL warehouse planning in the early phase.

My job

Start of the day

I begin by grabbing a cup of coffee after breakfast to reboot myself and then update my daily routine for tasks internally and externally across various projects. This is crucial as it provides me with a clear direction for planning the entire day.


I spend regular time with my laptop to accomplish tasks. Typically, there is a project meeting twice a week lasting for about an hour, where all colleagues are updated and aligned. Occasionally, there may be an on-site packaging trial, offering an opportunity to exchange information and gain new insights for inner designing.

Lunch Break

I enjoy a unitive lunchtime at the canteen. After lunch, I usually take a walk with colleagues to recharge myself.


This is the time to connect with my colleagues from Europe (our Kitzingen team and colleagues from other European plants) and customers. Whether it's handling RFQs or ongoing projects, they always provide prompt and excellent support. Additionally, I find it exciting to continuously learn and be inspired by them.

End of the day

Around 4:30 PM, like most employees, I return home by shuttle bus. Once home, I enjoy spending time with my cat while reading a book or engaging in some exercise to maintain a good vibe. I also make sure to video chat with my family to share our daily lives. Achieving a work-life balance is essential to me.

My highlights

My highlights are when I achieve recognition for successfully demonstrating my independent work, receive nominations for outstanding teamwork both internally and externally, and earn acknowledgment from customers.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Customer-focused, caring, and inspiring. With the Kitz team, we always inspire and support each other as much as possible. Instead of blaming for mistakes, we prioritize forgiveness and substitute it with root cause analysis to improve performance.

LEONI in three words? Infinity, All-encompassing, Industry-leading.