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Field Report

Warehouse Supervisor

Penghan Lu, warehouse supervisor at Langfang LEONI since 2014, progressed from material clerk with the support of leaders and colleagues.

My story at LEONI

My name is Penghan Lu. After graduating in 2014, I joined the Langfang LEONI family. Currently, I serve as the warehouse supervisor, overseeing the operations and management of both raw materials and finished products warehouses. During my internship before graduation, I had the opportunity to join Langfang LEONI as a material clerk. Starting from the basics of logistics knowledge, I received guidance and support from my leaders and colleagues, gradually advancing from a warehouse manager to a warehouse foreman, and now to a warehouse supervisor. Langfang LEONI has been witness to every step of my growth.

My job

As a grassroots manager, my daily work revolves around overseeing operations on the warehouse floor. Each day begins with a morning meeting at 8:30, where we summarize and address any issues from the previous day's activities, set work goals for the day, and provide training or communicate important notices to employees. Before the meeting, I take the opportunity to listen to employees' thoughts, fostering a stronger connection with them.

Following the morning meeting, I conduct inspections in the warehouse area, ensuring the safe operation of personnel, proper goods stacking, and timely updating of checklists. Any issues identified during inspections are promptly addressed through communication with the foreman and relevant personnel.

At 9:30, we have the production standing meeting, where we discuss and resolve production-related issues across departments. After the meeting, I return to my workstation to handle tasks such as planning for a new factory, purchasing shelves and equipment, and preparing materials for customer audits.

In the afternoon, I attend various internal departmental meetings, such as the variance analysis meeting, transportation weekly meeting, packaging weekly meeting, and CIP weekly meeting. During these meetings, we brainstorm and propose improvements to streamline production tasks.

Additionally, I conduct site inspections in the afternoon to monitor the site's condition at different times. Before wrapping up for the day, I check my email to ensure that no important tasks have been overlooked.

While these tasks constitute my routine work, I also handle emergencies and unconventional tasks as they arise.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Before joining LEONI, I felt that the automobile industry was a very promising field. LEONI, as a global leader in the automotive wiring harness industry with a history of 100 years, seemed like an excellent employer. After joining LEONI, the equal and open working environment, the atmosphere of unity and cooperation, the company's culture of caring for employees, and the ample room for development made me feel that I had made the correct choice. The company often organizes activities to enrich the lives of employees, such as birthday parties, badminton games, basketball games, and Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake events.

LEONI in three words? Profession, responsibility and future

My tips

I believe that for long-term development in LEONI, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, it's crucial to be highly proficient in the responsibilities of your role, ensuring strong business acumen and accountability. Secondly, maintaining persistent perseverance and a studious mentality is essential for tackling the challenges presented by new opportunities and adapting to the company's future development. Lastly, fostering strong unity and cooperation skills within the team is important, enabling individuals to synergize and achieve greater collective success, where 1+1 can be greater than 2.